Bi-County provides services for:



Voice: constant hoarseness, repeating laryngitis, vocal cord paralysis, vocal nodules, and loss of voice (aphonia)



Speech: articulation disorders, phonological processing disorders, stuttering, dysarthria, apraxia, and accent reduction 



 Language: expressive language disorders, receptive language disorders, specific language impairment, auditory processing disorders, and aphasia 


Swallowing & Feeding

Swallowing & Feeding: concerns and/or disorders 

Speech Therapy

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Does your child...


  • Say more than he understands?
  • Have difficulties paying attention?
  • Have poor eye contact?
  • Have frequent ear infections?
  • Articulate all of the sounds correctly?
  • Refuse some textures of food and a very picky eater?
  • Doesn’t like to brush their teeth?
  • Have difficulties reading or recognizing the letters?
  • Having difficulty following directions?
  • Stutter?
  • Have a raspy voice or sound like they have laryngitis frequently? 

If you are an adult, do you have difficulties...


  • Chewing or swallowing?
  • Swallowing food or liquids?
  • Naming objects?
  • Understanding things?
  • With frequent laryngitis or sore throats after frequent talking?
  • Remembering things?
  • Stuttering? 

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 If  you answered "yes" to any of the questions, contact Bi-County Therapy for a Speech Evaluation and treatment will be recommended as indicated. 

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