About Us

"We enjoy staying on the cutting edge of treatment."

Since 1994, Bi-County’s professional and highly

trained therapists specialize in the treatment of a

variety of disorders. Our initial focus in 1994 was on

adults with traumatic brain injury, swallowing

impairment, aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia, stroke

recovery and voice disorders, but since that time, and

because many of our staff have family with special

needs themselves, it became clear that our practice

should evolve to help people of all ages.

Recognizing the need to establish a home-like

environment to make patients feel more comfortable,

we opened a larger facility in Davie in 2014 where we

have over 30 therapists and staff that work with

children, adults and geriatrics for speech and

occupational therapy.

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We Treat Patients in many settings


We treat patients in Hospitals, Group Homes, Out Patient Centers & In Home Health Settings

 In 1996, Stephanie had a child who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This challenge lit a maternal flame.  This feeling led her to her passion to help children reach their full potential.   Bi-County extended its hand to help treat children with communication and motor deficits.   Bi-County’s therapists began to treat children in group homes, outpatient centers, and in home health settings, in addition to our long-standing commitment to our adult clients in area hospitals. 


Many Patients Have Benefited for our Innovative Programs

 In March 2004, Bi-County celebrated its Grand Opening when it opened the office in Countryside Shops… "the closest thing to home therapy without being at home".  The space of an independent office allowed Bi-County to incorporate physical and occupational therapy in a team approach that will maximize rehabilitation. The availability of space also resulted in the establishment of innovative programs, including Spanish in Pajamas, a pragmatics group, and a school screening program. 


Bi-County Today

  Seven years later, Bi-County Therapy moved to an even larger facility just 2 miles south on the corner of Flamingo and Taft St. where they had a staff of 30 to help the children of this and surrounding communities for their Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy needs. They also provided speech therapy for adults with speech, swallowing, voice, stuttering, and neurogenic disorders.   Then, in 2018,  Bi-County is at the third location that is called HOME.  They have a staff of 30 therapists and front office staff that work with children and adults in speech and occupational therapy.  Bi-County enjoys staying on the cutting edge of treatment, and always prides itself for working hard as a team to have your family members make the best gains in the least amount of time.  Please contact a member of the Bi-County Team with inquiries about our programs.


We welcome you to the Bi-County Family!

OUr TherapistS Really Care

A learning exercise for Occupational Therapy


Innovative Treatment

Bi County always maintains the latest in treatment

technologies  and innovative programs, including

pragmatics groups, a school screening program,

interactive metronome and adult training.


Dual Partnership Between Therapist and Client/ Family

Our philosophy is to cultivate a dual partnership

between the therapist and the client/family. We work

hard as a team to have your family members make the

best gains in the least amount of time and strive to

achieve results that enable clients to fully enjoy their